Welcome to Cash Flow U, formerly known as The Church Coalition! You might be wondering why we changed our name. It’s simple: we’ve zeroed in on the biggest challenge churches face today—cash flow issues.

Our team, made up of Cash Flow Strategists, is here to help. We educate and empower churches to create systems that generate innovative streams of income, ensuring you have the funds to achieve your vision.

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Benefits of Coaching System for $99/month:

1 – Monthly 1-on-1 consultation (1 hr/month)via live Zoom OR financial seminar for your entire church and guests (great outreach) OR review of your accounting records OR build & train a “Cash Flow Ministry” whose sole duty is to create money to fund the vision

2 – 24/7 unlimited access to Cash Flow U (online university) for up to 20 users

3 – Unlimited email access to my team

4 – Access to weekly live webinars


Getting Started Church Coaching

This is also known as our “FAB 5” System for churches. Monthly personal coaching for churches focusing on creating a strategic plan to increase membership engagement (the new attendance), impacting their communities, enhancing cash flow and ensuring that churches comply with IRS & State laws

FAB 5 System

Here is the FAB 5 System with the courses/ways we fulfill each step:

Step 1 - Vision promoted and it causes people to come alive

A.  The Assessment

B.  1-on-1 Training

Step 2 - Trained and Qualified Team

A.  Board Training

B.  Church Tax Law (Common Violations)

C.  Back 2 Basics (Lesson 1)

Step 3 - Systems

A.  Back 2 Basics (Financial)

B.  Church Marketing

C.  Church Business

D.  1-on-1 Training (Step-by-step systems provided)

E. TCC Team Speaks (Legal, Engagement & Marketing)

Step 4 - Cash Flow Ministry

A.  F.I.S.H.

B.  Back 2 Basics for Churches (Lessons 3 & 4)

C.  Financial Webinars for Members (Engagement + Empowerment +Evangelism)

D.  The Money Interviewer for Members 

E.  Back 2 Basics for Members (Lessons 9-12)

F.  OnDemand “Ministry”

G. Starting a Business

H. C5 System – OnDemand  NEW

I.  Creating Money Without a Part-Time Job

J.  Money Is Nothing But an Idea

K. Escaping the Debt Trap

L. Solving Problems

M. Innovative Cash Flow Ideas for Churches – eBook & Course 

Step 5 - Strategic Plan

A.  Church Growth

B.  Fab 5 OnDemand “Ministry”

C.  S.W.O.T.


My entire team is now on the “U”!!! My Attorney, Grant Writers, Marketing Consultant & IRS Compliance Accountant.

For just $30/month, we empower churches to:

~ Create strategic plans to fulfill their visions            ~ Comply with IRS & State requirements

~ Develop innovative income streams                        ~ Build strong boards & financial systems

William V Thompson, Founder Cash Flow U & The Church Coalition

“Empowering churches to create money based on what they already have in order to fund and fulfill the vision.”

Cash Flow Strategist
Retired CPA
Church Consultant
Business Coach

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