Disrupting the Current Church Financial Model


Innovative Income Initiative

An “initiative” is an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something. Current trends indicate that tithes & offerings are declining because of 2 reasons:

1) Many within the younger generations do not have the same convictions as many within the older generation, and

2) Many are experiencing personal financial hardships and/or excessive debt.



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     Step 3 – 15–30 minute free consultation with me (Power Point Shared)    

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Consider 2 Kings 4:2 (pots of oil), Isaiah 45:3 (treasures of darkness & hidden riches of secret places), Matthew 17:27 (money in fish’s mouth), Nehemiah 2:4-9 (governmental funding) and Acts 4:34 (houses & land donations)


The Church Coalition is teaching churches how to create “Innovative Income Streams”, even in tough economic times as addressed in Isaiah 43:19 “…rivers in the desert”.

Here’s how we do this:

Tithes & Offerings
Church Management (Cut T.E.D.)
Membership Empowerment (Build Entrepreneurs)
Real Estate
Intellectual Properties
Treasures of Darkness and Hidden Riches of Secret Places
Solutions to Your Current Problems

Option #1: Innovative Income Initiative-Consultation

You and your team get a private 2-hour consultation with the creator of the Innovative Income Initiative system, during which time you will come to understand the income opportunities.

At the conclusion of the session, you and your team will have at least 5 innovative income initiatives suitable for your ministry.

Option #2: Employee Retention Tax Credit

This is available to churches & businesses for both 2021 and part of 2020.  The IRS will refund up to 70% of 2021 “qualified” wages and 50% of 2020 “qualified” wages.

Option #3: Nationwide Church Loans & Positioning Churches to Obtain Best Funding Options

Assisting & positioning churches to obtain the best funding options:

1) Assistance in locating the best lenders in your area (we have access to a nationwide database)

2) Preparation of polished financial statements that clearly tells your story so the lender understands & knows your ministry

3) Creation of a strategic plan for growth, membership engagement, community impact and addressing “COVID” concerns

4) Ideas to increase cash flow, reserves, down payments & introduce new income streams