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Our Company At a Glance

The Tax Professionals at Tax Prep “PLUS” prepare taxes in ALL 50 states, “Plus” provide strategies to maximize your refunds as well as Tax Planning for the Future.

Some of the benefits we offer:

A tax practice with 30 years of experience
A free no-obligation discussion about your tax requirements
Professional tax preparation & secure e-filing
Strategies to maximize your refunds, minimize your tax liability and reduce/eliminate future taxes

Our P4 Tax System


We Prepare taxes in ALL 50 States!


We legally create deductions based on your present expenses! 


We resolve all tax issues with the IRS or your State!


We will review your prior years tax returns at no charge, and if it makes sense, amend up to 3 years of Tax Returns for a fee!

Here’s how Tax Prep “PLUS” increases your cash flow:

We maximize 2023 refunds through various strategies, including looking at every way you spend money and creating a plan to make them tax deductible.
We get 2024 refunds NOW by doing tax planning & increasing allowances.
We can possibly get prior year refunds if you've overlooked key tax deductions.

Our Services Include

Your Clergy Taxes Simplified

As an Ordained Minister for over 16 years & a retired CPA, I understand Clergy Taxes. Ministers are considered EMPLOYEES for income tax purposes but are considered SELF-EMPLOYED for Social Security tax purposes.

This dual status is why clergy taxes are so complicated. As an employee many benefits can be tax free (e.g., health insurance & retirement) while being self-employed many deductions for business owners are deductible for the clergy (e.g., miles & study materials) WOW!

The Church Coalition, through our Tax Prep Plus Division, prepares federal and state tax returns for ministers and their families and keeps the process simple.

No matter your denomination or State, we can help! 

Your Business Taxes Simplified

As a business owner for over 26 years & a retired CPA, I understand Business Taxes. 

Here is our powerful tax philosophy – we “teach” you how to look at every way you spend money and create a way to make it legally tax deductible when possible – WOW!

We even help you select the Best Tax Entity to reduce taxes

With proper planning & documentation the following items could be tax deductible:

  • Children’s Allowance
  • Car Interest
  • Family trips
  • Portion of your home
  • Retirement
  • Computers
  • Children College Tuition

Your Individual Taxes Simplified

We understand how taxes affect your everyday life, 365 days a year.  So as we prepare your taxes, we also provide financial solutions to your financial problems. 

Once your taxes are professionally prepared, we are able to see your full financial position and make simple but powerful recommendations that will put NEW MONEY into your family’s pocket on a monthly basis.

The Overall Plan

Housing Allowance

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